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Marianna B





Classically trained as a fine artist from childhood, I have channeled my artistic vision into various creative fields; working as a mural artist, a costume maker and puppet builder for the entertainment industry, and an apparel graphics designer for screen printing and embroidery. Eventually I found my true passion in the field of graphic and web design, where I have been specializing in print and online design, advertising and marketing.

Over the past 20 years I have had the privilege of working on thousands of creative projects. I treat each one with the utmost importance and care, taking each project from research and ideation to creative concept and effective strategy through to production and completion.

I am always on the lookout for new projects. So, let's work together!






I have been working in design and marketing since 1997. For the last 20 years I had offered my creative services to corporations, creative agencies, non-pofit organizations, and small businesses.

Working with an array of clients in a variety of fields had allowed me to develop versatility and flexibility. Here are some of the areas I have designed for in the past:

•  Fashion, Jewelry, Apparel
•  Beauity & Skincare
•  Furniture & Home Decor
•  Travel, Resort, Leasure
•  Transportation
•  Luxury Lifestyle
•  Wedding Services
•  Music, Dance, Entertainment
•  Audio & Video Services
•  Museums
•  Advertising, Creative Agencies
•  Visual Arts
•  Technology & Social Media
•  Healthcare
•  Fitness & Nutrition
•  Medical & Dental
•  Food & Dining
•  Rehabilitation Services
•  Real Estate & Residential
•  Architecture
•  Construction
•  Accounting
•  Lending & Mortgage
•  Non-profit & Charity
•  Political & Social Justice
•  Animal Rights
•  Government Agencies
•  Educational Insitutions
•  Child Development & Care
•  Finance
•  Legal Services
•  Business Consulting
•  Immigration & Documentation



20 years in the industry means thousands of creative projects. Here is a list of what I'm able to offer your business:

  Identity & Branding 
•  Stationery & Collateral 
•  Postcards, Invitations 
•  Advertisements 
•  Brochures 
•  Catalogs 
•  Look Books   
•  Newsletters 
•  Annual Reports 
•  Book Covers
•  Packaging
•  Labels, Hangtags 
•  Apparel Graphics 

  Banners & Billboards   
•  Posters & Signage 
•  Trade Show & POP

  Websites & Mobile
•  Responsive Design 

•  UI/UX
•  Landing Pages 
•  E-commerce
•  Banner Ads 
•  E-newsletters
•  Email Blasts 

•  Direct Mail Campaigns
•  Email Campaigns 
•  Direct Response
  Social Media Ads 
•  Strategy and Analytics

•  A/B Testing
•  Promotional Ad Copy

•  Blogs & Web Content

•  Photo Retouching

•  Art Direction



The purpose of good design is more than just making something look beautiful. Design must also be effective. It must grab the viewers' attention, help retain their interest, and compel them to take action. A successful design always communicates uniqueness and makes the company stand out from competition. Great design helps a company project credibility and professionalism, and instill trust in the products or services it provides.

My designs are always creative and unique (I never use templates!) and they are never just pretty. My designs perform a function. They achieve a goal. They produce results.

Here's what I can create for you:

  Unique branding for your company that denotes high level of professionalism and style.

  Highly effective print and online advertising that grabs attention, increases brand awareness, solidifies brand trust, drives traffic to your store or website, and facilitates sales.

  Visually engaging, precisely targeted, and meticulously analyzed and tested marketing and promotional materials that clearly communicate your company's message and value points, elevate interest in your products or services, and compel action.

  Easy to use, fast-loading and compelling websites that clearly navigate visitors through the information, retain their attention, and, most importantly, encourage conversion.








A satisfied customer is an award in itself. I measure my success by how well I have been able to communicate a client's message through design, and by the marketing results it has achieved. When the advertising and design community chooses to recognize that effort with awards, it's just an added bonus. Here are some of my awards.




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